Friday, 2 September 2011

The shop and counter

Criss got this tattoo of Medusa the Gorgon on his back so he could only see her through a mirror. She won't turn him to stone!

Angle with colour sky.Ryan chipped away at this tat for two years an hour here and there and now he can grin and wear this awesome custom tat for the rest of his life

This chrysanthemum (kiku) is the royal flower of the Japanese emperor

Amazing colour wasp

Colour jap tattoo on the arm, this was Alan's first tattoo!

Portraits always look quite dark when they are first done,then after the scabs comes off they look very subtle and smooth

Awesome cherub, four hours on the ribs.

Black and grey Mary, it's a keeper!

This guy is working on a Polynesian half suit

Nice crisp lines and some flowing script

A devil star, right on the inside of the arm, ouch!

This tattoo of a geisha is also a cover up. Can you spot the old tattoo?

3D wolf spider,this tat took about two hours to do.

This tattoo was done with a pink outline instead of black

Richard the Lionheart's coat of arms: three lions on a field of blood. Awesome!

Swallow on foot. Quite a painful area to have tattooed, but still a really popular location

This is a very popular theme for tattoo design at the moment.This tattoo took two four-hour sittings

Black and grey boxing gloves. I always like to do boxing tats: it's a passion of mine

Boog honey and dog. I love doing these black and grey boog tats: they always come out looking awesome